Could the oil prices be any higher?

Lately, tension has been building between the Indian government and its citizens as for the sixth
straight month, the fuel prices have been skyrocketing with no promises of coming down in near
future. I try to address the issue by exploring reasons for this constant surge in prices, along
with the government's role in it. Then I try to speculate and address the implications of this on

future prices of fuel in India.

The patriarchal grip of the (anti-) Love Jihad law: A normative analysis

The aim of this article is to assess the quotient of justice in social relations in the backdrop of
the ‘Uttar Pradesh (UP) Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Ordinance, 2020’ or
the (anti-) Love Jihad law. I have built on the patriarchal foundations of this ordinance,
normatively analysing it from the lens of Rawlsian theory of justice and complementary
philosophical positions.

Representation in Economics & Policy

This conversation was conducted with Prerna Kundu, the co-founder and director at the Women in Econ and Policy (WiEP) initiative. Prerna has been associated with J-PAL South Asia, where she worked on interventions in child and maternal health in Jharkhand as a part of the Payments and Governance Research Program. She will be commencing a PhD in Economics at the University of British Columbia this fall. She holds a Master’s in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Shri Ram College of Commerce.
Women in Econ and Policy was set up last year with a vision to democratise the spaces of economics, public policy, and development. This podcast interview maps Prerna’s experiences in the founding of this community-driven initiative and also delves into the granular details of the kinds of exclusions minority social groups face.

The Israel-Palestine Conundrum: From An International Lens

The recent clashes between Israel and Palestine raised some important questions regarding the violation of laws of war and proportionality of attacks which must be analyzed.This article would focus on three things – the analysis of the conflict from the perspective of customary international humanitarian law (IHL), international reactions to the issue and the policy outlook of the new coalition government in Israel (with respect to Palestine).

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