Much of the history of Jammu and Kashmir has been written from the lens of ongoing territorial conflict between the nations of India and Pakistan. Within such a narrative a complex story of the Princely past of the state gets lost and we tend to forget the territorial limits of Indian nationalism as it existed. The book titled ‘Hindu Rulers, Muslim Subjects’ by Dr. Mridu Rai sheds light on this important aspect of Jammu and Kashmir’s history.

Book Review: The Moral Economy by Samuel Bowles

The following paper deals with the review of the book ‘Moral Economy’ written by Samuel Bowles which was published in 2016. The paper uses critical and constructive analyses to extract crucial insights. It summarizes the major theme of the book and discusses the relevant evidence that is put forward in the book to convey the message. Then, it discusses major experiments used in the book to justify the arguments that the author is trying to make for the stakeholders of the state. Finally, before the conclusion, a critical view has been presented to showcase what alternative argument could be presented to the hypothesis presented in the book.

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