Book Review: The Globalization Backlash by Colin Crouch

This article is a critique of one of the most celebrated books on the concept of globalisation – The Globalization Backlash by English political scientist, Colin Crouch. It talks about the concept of globalisation and how it has shaped and reshaped the world. It also discusses the many contentions people hold regarding the aspects of globalization and touches upon the need for people to read this book.

Book Review: The Limits to Growth

Is growth an unstoppable beast or does it have limits? This is a question which a lot of academicians have been debating for a while. With numerous theories around the idea of growth, the labyrinth of development and growth has been complicated even more. It was in the 1970s when people started to play with this idea and challenge it through the lens of science. The Limits to Growth is a seminal piece of work as it not only initiated a discourse around the hitherto untouched limits to growth but also used science to back its arguments. In this article, I intend to present my views and thoughts about the book.


Much of the history of Jammu and Kashmir has been written from the lens of ongoing territorial conflict between the nations of India and Pakistan. Within such a narrative a complex story of the Princely past of the state gets lost and we tend to forget the territorial limits of Indian nationalism as it existed. The book titled ‘Hindu Rulers, Muslim Subjects’ by Dr. Mridu Rai sheds light on this important aspect of Jammu and Kashmir’s history.

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