Awaaz in focus: FINANCIAL Insecurity and Re-employment of Retirees – IN CONVERSATION WITH MR. HIMANSHU RATH

In this month’s edition of Awaaz In Focus, Mr. Himanshu Rath, Founder and Chairman of the Agewell Foundation about effects of financial insecurities on senior citizens in India. He also talks about job opportunities available to them after retirement, and the need to “re-skill”, or “re-tool” senior citizens to get more job opportunities.

Gendercide and Genocide: A Case for Legal Considerations of Gender

This article first examines arguments for why gendercides should be brought into the legal ambit of genocides, then responds to possible criticisms and problems of doing the same. Finally, after establishing that gender groups should be protected under the Genocide Convention, the paper examines the legal reality to ascertain why that is not the case currently. The conscious silence or rejection of gender dynamics will shed light on how international law and legal fact is constructed and intrinsically tied to gendered politics.

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