Shamima Begum’s recent fight to regain her British citizenship has gathered a lot of international attention. Her situation probes us to think of its significance even outside of Great Britain; when did citizenship transform from a natural right to being used as a tool of punishment and reward? How does the identity of an individual factor in? Do Western nations view their own citizens in a hierarchical preference, and if they claim not to, why are they increasingly using this as a tool for the aforementioned purposes?

The Israel-Palestine Conundrum: Domestic Denouement

This article analyzes the economic costs of the recent Israel-Palestine ‘conflict’. Specifically, it evaluates the direct and indirect costs of the war on both economies, looking closely at the channels through which these cross-border tensions have impacted them. The article then extrapolates some interesting insights into the future of this conflict, whilst being cognizant of its grave domestic impact.


In this article, the researcher will analyse the reasoning given by the Supreme Court bench in the recent Maratha Reservation case, while pronouncing the verdict that the breach in the 50 % quota cap and the constitutionality of the reservation as invalid, the same case is brought long obscurity on the topic to a halt. Through this article, the researcher will analyze this decision against the previous High Court judgment and the Gaikwad Commission report.

The Slippery Slopes of Oil

The Middle-East reminds one of oil and the unlimited riches that come with it. However, the region has been engaged in reducing its dependency on the resource for some time now. Even though this threatens to break down important strategic relationships in the region, economic diversification strictly remains a top priority for the GCG countries. Read further to uncover the oil crisis of the Middle East, and find out who the unlikely winners of this economic war are likely to be.

Between the Eagle and the Dragon – A Review of David Shambaugh’s Where Great Powers Meet: America and China in Southeast Asia

As the United States and the People’s Republic of China enter a new era of their battle for global dominance, Professor David Shambaugh’s new book, Where Great Powers Meet: America and China in Southeast Asia, challenges the predominant understanding of how this power dynamic plays out in one of the world’s most geopolitically significant regions – Southeast Asia.

An Analysis of the Covid-19 Vaccine Liberalisation Policy

Faced with the horrors of the pandemic, the country is turning towards the Central Government to guide us to salvation. We need a plan that achieves two things – administering the vaccine to as many people as possible and as fast as possible. In an attempt to achieve these goals, the Centre has drafted a new policy liberalising the procurement and administration of the vaccines. This article outlines an analysis of the policy, the likelihood of its success and available alternatives that should be assessed.

Constitutional validity of Blood Donation Guidelines

In the present scenario, where the requirement of plasma is increasing rapidly to save the lives of people suffering from Covid-19, barring the LGBTQ community from donating blood and plasma is not helping. There are no societal, medical, or legal grounds to restrict the LGBTQ community from donating blood. Therefore, the guideline that does the same violates their fundamental rights provided by the Constitution of India.

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