Book Review: The Limits to Growth

Is growth an unstoppable beast or does it have limits? This is a question which a lot of academicians have been debating for a while. With numerous theories around the idea of growth, the labyrinth of development and growth has been complicated even more. It was in the 1970s when people started to play with this idea and challenge it through the lens of science. The Limits to Growth is a seminal piece of work as it not only initiated a discourse around the hitherto untouched limits to growth but also used science to back its arguments. In this article, I intend to present my views and thoughts about the book.

Kashmiri Feminism: History of Refusal, Rejection, and Resistance – 1

By introducing the concept and complexities of Kashmiri Feminism, the first article of this series aims to highlight the basics of Kashmiri Feminism under the light of three themes – Resistance of Kashmiri Women against the Military Occupation, Failure of Indian Feminism in accommodating the identity of Kashmiri Women and the position of Kashmiri Women in the Indian Nationalist Project.

I leave you with two words… Inclusion Rider

Frances McDormand’s acceptance speech at the 2018 Academy Awards left the world puzzled about her closing lines –“I have two words to leave you with ladies and gentlemen, Inclusion Rider.” On the further understanding of what an inclusion rider is, the discourse around how the film industry could be modelled into a fair and safe space to include those sections of the demography that were previously ignored or discriminated against. Inclusion rider presented as a solution to Hollywood’s diversity problem, and the effect of a legal or contractual agreement to consciously induce a set level of diversity among the cast and crew members on production.

Mainstreaming Gender in Technology

This is the first conversation of Inter-Linked’s 4-part series on ‘Gendered Identities in the Digital Space’. Prof (Dr) Lina Sonne foregrounds our understanding of accessibility, usage, and ownership of technology, and technology-enabled devices (mobile phones), to establish how women continue to be disadvantaged in this perceived gender agnostic space. This conversation primarily draws from Dr Sonne’s research in this area of women’s use of mobile phones in India.

Is Capital Punishment Ethical?

The article will describe the status of capital punishment pre and post Independence era and will also discuss the question surrounding capital punishment as a necessity. Additionally, it will discuss the landmark judgment ‘Bachan Singh vs State of Punjab’ wherein the Supreme Court discussed the status of capital punishment and the legislation governing it

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