A Choppy Road Ahead: How the Pandemic is Reinventing India’s Urban Mobility Crisis

India has always had its issues with urban mobility. However, the financial, behavioral and commercial trends triggered by the pandemic threaten to complicate these issues in an unprecedented manner. In the first of a series of essays on urban mobility in India, Sudarshan and Mukundan trace some of these complications to unravel the biggest challenges faced by the government.

The Para-movement

Time and again the world of sports provides us with a picture of what dedication, perseverance and hard work looks like. The rhythm of the game and the ease in flow of the players mars the blood, sweat and tears that goes behind putting up such a performance. It’s a game of mental and physical strength, the winner having the right mix of both at that moment. We continue to learn from the greats of their field, but also from the young, growing players that are still finding their way into the limelight. The Olympics and the Paralympics Games are a place where people portray how to make the impossible possible.

Gender & Platformisation of Work

In the second episode of this series on Gendered Identities in the Digital Space, we spoke to Ambika Tandon from The Centre for Internet and Society about the issue of platformisation of work and how it impacts gendered groups in our economy.

Ambika Tandon is a Senior Policy Officer at CIS, where she studies the intersections of gender and technology. Her work focuses on women’s work in the digital economy, and the impact of emerging technologies on social inequality. She also engages in developing feminist methods for technology research.

Book Review: The Limits to Growth

Is growth an unstoppable beast or does it have limits? This is a question which a lot of academicians have been debating for a while. With numerous theories around the idea of growth, the labyrinth of development and growth has been complicated even more. It was in the 1970s when people started to play with this idea and challenge it through the lens of science. The Limits to Growth is a seminal piece of work as it not only initiated a discourse around the hitherto untouched limits to growth but also used science to back its arguments. In this article, I intend to present my views and thoughts about the book.

Kashmiri Feminism: History of Refusal, Rejection, and Resistance – 1

By introducing the concept and complexities of Kashmiri Feminism, the first article of this series aims to highlight the basics of Kashmiri Feminism under the light of three themes – Resistance of Kashmiri Women against the Military Occupation, Failure of Indian Feminism in accommodating the identity of Kashmiri Women and the position of Kashmiri Women in the Indian Nationalist Project.

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