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The Heterogeneity of the Indian Labour Market

Vichaar is Azaad Awaaz and PAIGAMs podcast series that aims at engaging with experts and professionals to further the conversation on social issues in context to marginalisation of communities. In the spirit of inculcating a habit of asking questions, Vichaar offers valuable insights from experts across industries and fields on contemporary issues through interviews. Bringing the conversation on the socio-political climate to another platform, presenting Vichaar, the podcast series.

In a podcast about the Heterogeneities of the Indian Labour market, Ms. Sabina Dewan, Founder and Executive Director of JustJobs Network, offers insight on female labour force participation, the relation between technology and gender, and the state of Indian education and skill development programs. She is a senior visiting fellow at the Centre for Policy Research and has previously worked with institutions like the World Bank, International Labour Organisation, the European Commission and more. 

In the podcast, Ms. Dewan will explain why the female labour force in the organised sector is at a historic low, which social factors have contributed to women being left out of the digital economy and the reasons for the deep fragmentation in the Indian labour market. Additionally, she analyses the gaps between employment and education, its effects on sectoral mobility and flexibility and the role of the skill development program.

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