Operation of International Criminal Law in MH17 downing

International Criminal Law is a category of Public International Law that concerns itself with a group of actions and atrocities that are involved in crimes against humanity, human rights violations, and the violation of International Humanitarian Law. These acts include crimes of aggression, war crimes, as well as genocide. These crimes are considered so gruesome and of direct effect to the international community as to occasion the intervention of the International Community.

US’ China Problem: Expansion of G7 to strengthen the front against BRI and SCO

This article explores the US’s move to expand the Group of Seven to strengthen its ‘front’ against China. It provides insights into both states’ efforts to maximise foreign support while sharpening their retort against each other. Understanding how alliances are formed by states with multiple and often hidden motives helps to identify and keep up with this latest season of the ‘Game of Thrones’.

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