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MP Farmer Suicide Bid: CM Orders Removal of Guna SP, Collector.

On 14th July, a farmer couple belonging to the Paridhi Tribe in Guna city, tried to commit suicide in the presence of their children and the police. This was done in retaliation to a forceful eviction by the police from their agricultural land which was technically government property. There are reportedly plans to build a Model College on this land. The couple was immediately taken to the nearest hospital and given  medical care. 

Online videos of the police brutally thrashing the couple and the locals (which included women and children) gathered at the scene have sparked outrage among many. The police allegedly claim that the videos were cropped to incite outrage as the only reason violence was used was to disperse the crowd in the area who were trying to stop the police from taking the unconscious couple to the hospital after they attempted suicide.

Migrant workers, freelancers must be under social security net, Parliamentary panel suggests.

The Code on Social Security which was referred to the standing committee on labour headed by senior Biju Janata Dal (BJD) leader Bhartruhari Mahtab was introduced in the Lok Sabha in December 2019. The Code on Social Security, 2019 will be replacing the nine social security laws already in place, such as the Maternity Benefit Act, Employees’ Provident Fund Act and Employees’ Pension Scheme etc. The code will cover workers from both organised and unorganised sectors. 

The parliamentary Standing Committee in its draft report reviewed the Code and stated that employers have to register and contribute to the social security of their household help. The draft report recommended the universalisation of the social security coverage, including domestic workers, migrant workers, gig workers (freelancers), platform workers (people working for companies such as Uber and Ola) and agricultural workers.

Facebook to ban content related to LGBTQ ‘conversion therapy’ from its social media platforms.

Facebook has initiated a ban on all the content related to conversion therapy, CNN reported. It is a pseudo science practice that professes people to change their sexuality from the ones deemed non mainstream. The company has been said to review its policies from time to time in order to maintain the dignity of the LGBTQ community. Any more recommendations related to the conversion therapy will not be posted on both Facebook and Instagram from now on.

This action is a result of  demands by LGBTQ activists to ban the advertisements of conversion therapy on its platform. Similar steps have been taken by countries like Germany and the US. In May, Germany became the first country to outlaw the pseudo scientific practice for the minors while a total of the 14 states in US have banned the conversion therapy altogether.

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