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“Nickeled and Dimed”: A Research Forum


The Blog’s evolution into a Research Forum

Nickeled and Dimed started off as a blog under the aegis of the Centre for International Economic Studies under the Jindal School of International Affairs. Hence, the blog published articles focusing primarily on  international economic studies. The main rationale was to provide deeper insights into the functioning of the global economic system and growth of emerging market economies. Espousing the philosophy of how contemporary economic theories look at problems in a variety of ways, the blog aimed at focusing more on the diversity of the subject of economics reflected by the content of the blog. The name of the blog was also thus derived to show its linkage to the field of economics.

Over the past four years the blog has evolved tremendously in terms of the content, contributors and the field of study. We have greatly diversified our content. It has developed into a research forum providing a unique space to young scholars to put out their work in the form of well-researched articles on issues relating to politics, law, international relations, foreign policy, economics, finance, public policy and a lot more. The forum also provides a wide range of perspectives which are often overlooked by the mainstream media.

Significance of the New Logo

The New Logo (as seen in the picture) is a concoction of various symbols which make it very uniquely personal to the research forum.

The coins (nickels and dimed) signify the origin of the name of the blog, ‘Nickeled and Dimed’. It is symbolic of staying true to our roots- a blog relating to international economics and public policy. The blurred filter over the coins signifies how time has passed and the forum has changed over time into something newer. Yet the forum has retained the old charm and the basic ethos of having an interdisciplinary approach to draw on contemporary debates emanating from economic history, international economics, development economics, and political science.

The scholar hat over the ‘I’ signifies the emphasis that we lay on well-researched articles providing in-depth information. However, it is also symbolic of our diversification and evolution from being an economic opinion based blog to a research forum covering a lot of areas- also extending to law, natural sciences, etc.

Creator of the Logo

The logo has been created by the very talented artist Mr. Farhan Zia. Mr. Farhan is a second year law student who is also very keen eye for aesthetics. His skills are splendidly displayed through the creative thought process which yielded this new logo. We would like to thank Mr. Farhan for taking out time in the middle of academic commitments to help us out by formulating the brand-new logo for Nickeled and Dimed.

Image Source: The new logo has been designed By Farhan Zia, a second year law student at Jindal Global Law School


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