Bullet Trains: A Risky Gamble For India?

The Indian government has an ambitious plan of establishing four new high-speed rail corridors under the National Rail Plan by 2031. NHSRCL, the implementing agency, has recently invited bids for preparing detailed project reports for these routes. However, the success of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad corridor, currently under construction, strongly determines the implementation of further HSR corridors. Therefore, the focus of this article is to examine the economic feasibility and environmental impact of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad corridor in India.

A Choppy Road Ahead: How the Pandemic is Reinventing India’s Urban Mobility Crisis

India has always had its issues with urban mobility. However, the financial, behavioral and commercial trends triggered by the pandemic threaten to complicate these issues in an unprecedented manner. In the first of a series of essays on urban mobility in India, Sudarshan and Mukundan trace some of these complications to unravel the biggest challenges faced by the government.

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