Obsolete and Panoptical – The Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897

Several state governments in India have invoked provisions of the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 to tackle the coronavirus pandemic that began in the March of 2020. Activists, journalists as well as public health experts and medical scholars have termed this colonial-era legislation as draconian and obsolete since it enables state excesses and does not outline a clear framework to tackle an epidemic outbreak. This essay explores the shortcomings of the existing act.

Going Beyond GDP: Women and Unpaid Household Work

For centuries, the burden of unpaid household work (UHW) has unequally been borne by our women. Kamal Hassan’s recently proposed to pay women for their domestic work. The idea originally comes from proposals by Western feminists to monetise household work but the cost of such labour is high in the west, unlike India. In this essay, I discuss the pre-existing economic value of unpaid household work and its seemingly inevitable incorporation into our national accounts in the near future.

Fluid Moralities and Navigating Crisis: An explication of Fullerian Natural Law

The school of thought that presumes an intimate relationship between Morality and Law is regarded as Naturalists with Lon Fuller as one of their key proponents. However, the position of the sovereign-state in Fuller’s conception of the law is undermined, and the severe Covid-19 Pandemic measures taken by different sovereigns have only established the ascendency of the state further. In this article, I try to engage with Fuller’s concept of the law through the lens of emergencies such as the pandemic and 9/11 and also analyse the concept of fluid moralities with respect to how states understand morals at the international and national level.


This article looks through the journey of the United States of America in the action against climate change. It talks about how the change in the Presidential office over the past few years have affected the position of the USA in terms of their leadership in climate neutrality, as well as their stand in the fight against climate change. From President Obama, to President Trump, to now President Biden, we see a reversal in policies and rules when it comes to decisions pertaining to the environment, and its future.

Narratives, Bollywood and Reality: A Tale of Disguised Complexity

For almost a hundred years, Bollywood has been a cinematic
representation of the various hierarchies and institutions in society. It is only recently that there has been debate about the positionality of women in the Hindi film industry. However, there is little to no dialogue around the portrayal of issues concerning women. This article aims to unpack the complexities in portraying issues such as domestic and sexual violence in cinema.

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