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Motivating Students via the Power of Gamification in Learning

Gamification in learning is a perfect solution to enhance student engagement across all age groups and learning styles. It adds value to the learning experiences of the learners thereby motivating them to perform better. 

What is Gamification in Education?

The Oxford dictionary defines gamification as, “the use of elements of game-playing in another activity, usually in order to make that activity more interesting”

In an educational setting, this approach adds elements of a game into the learning environment by using the designs of a game and its mechanics to engage students deeper in their learning. All in all, it is a great way of enhancing the overall quality of the teaching and learning process. Gamification in learning and education have some unprecedented advantages. Here’s a look at some of these benefits as mentioned by researchers–     

  1. Captures the student’s attention and also helps in sustaining it builds curiosity in the student.
  2. Influences behavior by motivating for action, and promotes overall learning. 
  3. Improves educational productivity through rewards for their actions.
  4. Fosters a positive attitude wherein a student accepts failures.
  5. Triggers powerful emotional responses such as joy, frustration and curiosity etc.

Other than all these great advantages, gamification in learning also motivates learners through fun-based opportunities!. The world’s leading platforms acknowledge the might of custom learning experiences created through game based learning. Because it allows students to learn through concrete experiences, self-correction of mistakes, and in-depth understanding of concepts. Owing to these highly impactful benefits of this approach, students get intrinsically motivated and start taking ownership of their academic journey. 

In a way, we can also say that this approach is a perfect solution to eliminate boredom from the student’s regular processes. 

Once the student takes charge of his/her academic journey it adds a sense of accomplishment and this in turn increases the motivation to perform better! Game based learning encourages positive reinforcement in learners effortlessly.

Educational designs supported by games are an excellent way of attaching rewards, scores, badges across the stages of a student’s learning. It also helps in improving one’s multi-tasking skills and has a direct relation with high-order thinking.  Overall these approaches motivate students to perform efficiently and at the same time, they inculcate high-order thinking skills like critical thinking during the processes. For example- Scribblenauts Remix is a great game through which students create their own puzzles, solve these through hints and look for possible solutions. This one is great for a student’s problem solving abilities.

21st century Relevant Skill Building for Global Citizenship:

Skill Development and Out of the Box Thinking:

Top virtual schooling platforms use the power of games to connect real-life problem solving in a virtual learning environment. For instance imagine giving the students some scenarios of environmental threats. They can pre-empt the long-term repercussions of these challenges for the human race, through their previous knowledge and constructed understanding about the current environmental challenges. 

Through the power of gamification in learning they will be able to foresee the global warning signs and gauge the ill effects of ignoring these easily. Hence, these technology-based solutions are ideal to create connections between real world contexts and classroom teaching. Games based learning has an added advantage of strengthening the student’s decision making skills and improves focus.

This present day competitive era is all about preparing students for global citizenship. As a result, the aim of our education is now beyond just the functional skills and arithmetic knowledge. Our academic designs are now transformed to inculcate relevant skills like decision making, problem solving, and digital literacy. Alas, gamification is the ideal tool that supports these futuristic academic designs.

Technology based learning has the potential to replicate/simulate real life experiences. And as learners are immersed in their characters/roles, scoreboards, timers, their performance is automatically enhanced. Presently, these approaches are taking over the landscape and the worldwide education gamification market has reached a mark of nearly 1.5 billion U.S. dollars (in 2020) 

Gamification in Online Schooling Platforms:     

The power of virtual education powered by gamification in learning also has another important correlation with the student’s motivation. The momentum created through this interesting approach drives students to complete each stage successfully to move ahead. 

It is now the need of the hour to deliver learning that is more effective and enjoyable for students. Currently, our students are facing challenges because of their short attention spans which in turn becomes a hindrance to their learning. With all these challenges, an online school helps greatly in channelizing the student’s energy levels and empowers them to set their own learning pace. For ages, the Indian parent community has strived for a personalized learning environment for their child. And now with this choice, they can break free from the challenges of the traditional classrooms. 

Especially in our Indian mainstream system, gamified learning is a supportive pillar for students to nurture problem solving abilities beyond the archaic school curriculum. The elements of gamified education are a much-needed approach to supplement classrooms that are overcrowded and teaching methods that are monotonous.

It is now time that we encourage our students to try new things without any fear of failing.  The global workforce demands candidates who are critical thinkers and possess advanced mental abilities. This support of technology can offer a respite from the lacunae our education system faces, making way for more enriching and cost-effective solutions in India.


Gamification in learning is a one-stop solution for numerous issues like student motivation, engagement, individualized instructions, and sequential advancement. It makes the student’s educational processes fun and triggers his/her intrinsic motivation to perform. These solutions channelize the child’s energy level and trigger their mental faculties beyond the expected limits. 

In this age of digitalization, the blessing of technology not only resolves some grassroots level problems our schools face, but also creates some perfect student-centric methods of teaching. So, get ready to switch on your kid’s ‘LEARNING MODE’ and enjoy the pleasure of world-class game based learning. Great results will simply follow!

Jyoti is a school teacher and freelance writer who is passionate about writing articles and blogs that help her connect with the world.

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