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Interview With Varsha Venkatraman

Varsha Vemkatraman is a 1st Year student of JSIA currently pursuing Bachelors in Global Affairs. She is contesting for the post of General Secretary. Here is the excerpt of an interview she gave to Nickeled and Dimed:


  1. Can you explain your sports policy a little bit in detail, and how will you ensure “more representation” of JSIA students in  the competitions?


  1. Your policy on healthcare seems very interesting. Can you throw more light into it for our readers?


  1. You talk about a “fight for a unified JSIA body”, how do you plan to achieve this? How do you plan on giving more powers to the Class Representatives?


  1. In the transport part, you said to negotiate with private vendors to reduce the fares, how will you convince the college authorities to negotiate with them? 

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