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Interview With Anisha Joneja

Anisha Joneja is a Masters student currently studying Diplomacy, Law & Business (DLB). She is contesting for the post of Vice President. Here is an excerpt of the interview she gave to Nickeled And Dimed.

Q 1) In your manifesto, you mentioned having some prior experience when it comes to placements and internships, can you tell us more about it?

In my 3 years of graduation, I have interned in some 6-7 companies like NDTV, etc. so, with the contacts that I have established there, I can ask these companies to come to this university to offer placements and internship programme. One of the biggest issues that JSIA faces right now, is the fact that we are not getting enough companies for placements. So, I think that with my experience and a rapport that I have established with them, I can get these companies here and the make Placement Cell more effective and active.

Q 2) You said that the cost of re-sit examinations is very high as of now, and it has to be brought down to a “reasonable” level. What do you think is a “reasonable” level?

This is an issue that I have discussed with a lot of students, and they all believe that Rs 3000 per exam is a very big amount. So, I believe that even if I am able to reduce this amount by half, this will help the students a lot, because I don’t think that it is fair for the students that have to give a test again should be paying this much money to improve their grades.

Q 3) Can you explain the problems faced by people when they have to report an issue online and how you plan to fix it?

This is a problem which I faced myself. For example, filing an SHC complaint is a very elaborate process in itself, which not only involves sending emails to the committee, but also involves telephonic conversations. The whole process is so exhausting that at the end, the person just gives up. I plan to make it a relatively simple platform where you don’t have to write so many emails and talk to different people.

This goes for all kinds of problems, there are any times when people don’t know who to approach with a problem. I feel that there should be one mechanism like an online portal, where everyone can file their complaint.

Q 4) You mentioned that for students to deal with mental pressure, there should be “Talking Circles”. Can you throw some more light into this issue?

Talking Circles is something which has been there in JGU for a while now. It is like a group of people, who come together and talk about whatever they feel like, be it academic pressure, or some other kind of problem. And whatever is discussed in the group, stays in the group. I believe that sharing your problems with people is a good way to cope up, and the people in the group can also advise you on how to solve your problems. Talking Circles can be held once every two weeks.

Q 5) What is your message for the voters?

My message to my voters is that I am standing for the elections so that I can work for the betterment of the JSIA. The only reason I am standing for these elections is so that I can work for the students. Keeping this perspective in mind, I will work towards the betterment of the student body.




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