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Interview With Pratulya Choudhury

Pratyula Choudhury, a law student of the 2015 Batch, is fighting for the post of the Treasurer. The candidate gave an interview to the Nickeled & Dimed. Here is an excerpt of the interview.

  1. What is your campaign about?  Why should students vote for you?

My campaign rests on 4 pillars, which are, unity of the student body, the spirit to never back down, making the student body the ultimate decider of how funds are utilised and improving infrastructure while creating more facilities the students can avail. These values can be seen clearly through my manifesto. The student body, in order to fight against the administration, needs a smooth and competent council working in unity and not as individual members. My peers should vote for me because over the years that I have spent on campus, I have dealt with the Administration numerous times regarding different issues and have an insight on how to get the work done. A person without experience will only end up being sent in circles which is a trick I will not fall for. Another reason to vote for me besides experience is that I will never back down while fighting for the student body which is proven by the fact that I filed my nomination again for the post of Treasurer after failing to secure it in the first elections.

  1. What according to you are the most pressing issues related to students that have to be addressed on priority?

Some of the most pressing issues that need to be dealt with in my opinion are- tackling the problem of arbitrary DC notices sent to innocent students, addressing the high cost of transport to travel to and from campus and making more funds available to different societies and the student body so finance is never a problem to host events and workshop on campus or for societies to travel and represent the University.

  1. How do you envisage working with the University administration to resolve some of the issues?

The University Administration consists of numerous people who all have different personalities. While some of them are very cooperative, some are very difficult to deal with. Hence, it is essential to be a good judge of character so different Staff members of the Administration can be interacted with accordingly to win them over and work together so initiatives can be properly started and achieved.

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