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The Secret of the Forest

Nidhi  Chaudhary

Inflammation, demonetisation and policy of regression,

Cost, price, sales and a trend of new creation

Somehow intertwined to be a labyrinth

In the economy of year twenty-sixteen.


Ups and downs saw a rollercoaster,

Monetary aids from native and foster.

The declining rate of development

Pinched the government that saw a black elephant.


Umbra of the eclipse was November eighth,

Never to forget that catastrophic date.

Broke like a conflagration at the forest,

Time seemed too less to clear the crest.


Agonised Nation protested but believed,  

The task was done to bring some relief.

Clouds were dark but the silver line shone,

Queues were long but ATMs weren’t blown.


The public raised an example so great,

“We believe in authority, we know how to tolerate. “

Unity is all we need for growth,

The Utopia of Good Days are coming forth.

Nidhi Choudhary is a Bachelor student at Jindal School of International Affairs.

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