Evaluating the impact of the IBC (2016) on Corporate Governance & the Economy

Bad loans and non-performing assets (NPAs) are increasingly becoming a major problem for the banking sector of India. The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code of 2016 was implemented by the RBI to help banks cope with the losses of these NPAs. Let us take a look at the full picture and understand why this reactionary policy by the RBI is not sufficient to deal with the underlying problem of poor allocation of capital by banks and even poses threats to the ease-of-business in the country.


Much of the history of Jammu and Kashmir has been written from the lens of ongoing territorial conflict between the nations of India and Pakistan. Within such a narrative a complex story of the Princely past of the state gets lost and we tend to forget the territorial limits of Indian nationalism as it existed. The book titled ‘Hindu Rulers, Muslim Subjects’ by Dr. Mridu Rai sheds light on this important aspect of Jammu and Kashmir’s history.

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