Religion as we used to know has ceased to exist. Today, temples have gained enough power to influence key economic decisions in our country. The rise of the temple economy has thrown a dark shadow over the rest of our economy- why and how has this happened? And what are the consequences of this intermingling?

Understanding Chinese surveillance: Comparing Realist and Constructivist Perspectives

What do China’s domestic efforts in mass surveillance and use of data-dependent technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) mean for the world? And what role have social and political developments played in the development of the Chinese surveillance state? This essay will evaluate China’s surveillance system, the Chinese government’s pursuit of AI supremacy and its impact on the world through two major theoretical paradigms: Realism and Constructivism.

The Curious Case of the Indefinite Chinese Loans

The World owes China around 1.5 trillion dollars, and some speculate— it will not be able to pay it back. The interesting bit is that China probably knew that before it granted these debts, and did so with ulterior motives. The controversy doesn’t end here since there is another side which vehemently argues against this, and that too with good reason. It is unknown when this debate will find its truth, but one thing we know for certain is that the Red Dragon is blatantly untruthful about it’s international lending— and that has consequences for the whole world. Transport yourself from Sri Lanka to Africa while you uncover answers to all of these mind-boggling questions!

Arcane Algorithms

This article talks about the use of algorithms by social media platforms and the ways in which they, oftentimes without the user’s knowledge, collect personally identifiable data to generate specific content for them. The article also touches upon the impact of the same on children and adolescents and the future of behavioural science to mitigate these risks.

‘Biden and Harris’ Inheritance: America after Trump’

This article talks about the impact of President Trumps time in office on the legal structure of USA. It shall delve into issues of the elected of Supreme Court judges, political polarisation, the extent of its impact on the legal framework that governs the country and its repercussions on future laws and what this might mean for USA as the torchbearer for human rights and progressive thought in the world.

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