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Nickeled & Dimed runs a themed essay series from time to time under the ambit of the Centre for New Economic Studies (CNES). The Essay series features analytical pieces from the students at the Jindal School of International Affairs.
CNES aims to understand students’ perspective while welcoming experts’ opinion. An exchange of dialogue between students- the future leaders- and veterans will bring forth fresh remedial perspective. CNES objective is to tap meaningful contributions of the participants and take the dialogue forward.
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Financial Crises of the 21st Century: An Impact Evaluation
This series features analytical pieces from the students at the Jindal School of International Affairs studying the impact of the two of the most severe financial crises of our times, The Great Recession of 2007 and The European Sovereign Debt Crisis since 2008.Each research essay aims to do an impact evaluation of the crises on selected emerging market economies (chosen as case studies from the same geographical region) across the world to enable an understanding of the consequences of exogenous shocks on such economies from a macroeconomic lens.
The Essays can be found here.
The ‘Ease of Doing Business’ Series

Despite two decades of continuous economic reforms, India has not been able to create a favourable business environment for enterprises to operate. For an entrepreneur, starting a business, registering a property, obtaining construction permits, credit, electricity and paying taxes continue to be a nightmarish affair.

The World Bank along with renowned consultancy groups like Ernst & Young, KPMG etc. seem to capture such issues providing certain policy prescriptions in their ‘Ease of Doing Business’ reports prepared annually. The recent World Bank report highlights some of the pertinent issues in India in its report ‘Doing Business 2014’ ( As per the findings, India stands at a dismal 134th position among 185 countries.

A few enterprising JSIA students further investigated into the subject, using the Bank’s report as a reference point. They evaluated entrepreneurs’ ease of doing business in domestic environment as well as compared India’s position in the world market. The results are telling. Some of those who have come from countries in Africa, chose two countries from East or West Africa explicating the situation of ‘ease in doing business’ across these countries (Ghana, Guinea, Liberia etc. to name a few).
Questions addressed in these essays include, How can India’s ranking be improved? What measures are required? What level of engagement is necessitated at the policy level? How do reformed policies touch our lives?
The Studies can be found here.

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