Decoding The Hits and Misses of the 4 Indian Labour Codes

On 22nd September, the Rajya Sabha passed three labour codes— The Industrial Relations Code 2020, The Code on Social Security 2020, The Occupational Safety, Health, and Working Conditions (OSH) Code 2020. When combined with the fourth code, i.e, the Code on Wages 2019, the four labour codes are an amalgamation of 44 Central Labour Laws/Acts. With an objective to simplify and modernize labour regulations, the proposed changes come at a time when the country is grappling with a conundrum between choosing worker’s welfare and ease of doing business, both of which have taken a serious hit during COVID-19. Through the course of this article, the authors attempt to decode the simplifications proposed across the 4 codes, their impacts on the economy, and lastly, place anticipated outcomes of the bill as the nation tries to recover.