Sexual Violence, Military Impunity, and Women Resistance: The Case of Kashmir – II

After introducing the basic themes encircling Kashmiri Feminism in the first article, the second article of this series draws attention to the grave sexual violence and abuse committed against the Kashmiri women. This article aims to, first, underline the culture of impunity enjoyed by the Indian Armed forces and, second, show the impact of military impunity upon the women experiencing everyday abuse in the valley.

Female Genital Mutilation in India

Female Genital Mutilation/Circumcision is prevalent in 31 countries, including India. Two hundred million girls worldwide have been subject to this practise which goes against their fundamental rights. Though there is progress made on a global scale, India is yet to identify this practice as a problem as there is no law that identifies and corrects it. The legal system in India has failed to acknowledge the urgency that comes with the need to eliminate this problem and is yet to decide whether or not it can interfere in this matter, considering its religious roots. This paper criticized how the court has handled this matter and reflects on how some of the other countries have attempted to eradicate the practice.

Kashmiri Feminism: History of Refusal, Rejection, and Resistance – 1

By introducing the concept and complexities of Kashmiri Feminism, the first article of this series aims to highlight the basics of Kashmiri Feminism under the light of three themes – Resistance of Kashmiri Women against the Military Occupation, Failure of Indian Feminism in accommodating the identity of Kashmiri Women and the position of Kashmiri Women in the Indian Nationalist Project.

Going Beyond GDP: Women and Unpaid Household Work

For centuries, the burden of unpaid household work (UHW) has unequally been borne by our women. Kamal Hassan’s recently proposed to pay women for their domestic work. The idea originally comes from proposals by Western feminists to monetise household work but the cost of such labour is high in the west, unlike India. In this essay, I discuss the pre-existing economic value of unpaid household work and its seemingly inevitable incorporation into our national accounts in the near future.

Narratives, Bollywood and Reality: A Tale of Disguised Complexity

For almost a hundred years, Bollywood has been a cinematic
representation of the various hierarchies and institutions in society. It is only recently that there has been debate about the positionality of women in the Hindi film industry. However, there is little to no dialogue around the portrayal of issues concerning women. This article aims to unpack the complexities in portraying issues such as domestic and sexual violence in cinema.

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