River Interlinking: A Confluence of Ignorance, Ideological Misconception, and Irreparable Environmental Damage

River linking is based on the basic principle that surplus water in one basin can be diverted to water deficient drainage basins. While this may seem logically sound, this makes for bad science. Since the very inception of this project, several aspects of geology, hydrology, and ecology have not been taken seriously in either government policy or the public discourse surrounding this project. This is the second part of this series.

Immigration Politics: Consequences of policy changes on India’s outmigration to the US

Internal politics of America has been the driver of the Immigration Policy since the 1800s. Amisha Singh looks at the history of American Immigration Politics in light of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952. The article provides an overview of the impact of the changing policies on Indian Immigrants, who constitute up to 75% of the H-1B visa applicants and play a key role in the economy of the United States.

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