With New PM Shehbaz Sharif Sworn in, a Look at what Lies Ahead for Pakistan

New Pakistan PM, Shehbaz Sharif’s key priorities will be addressing the country’s economic challenges, keeping a disparate coalition of right-wing and left-leaning parties together and a foreign policy less hostile to the west. While with India, people-to-people ties could get a boost and there is scope for resumption of bilateral trade via the Wagah-Attari land crossing. However, Sharif has limited political capital for any big ticket initiatives.


This article looks through the journey of the United States of America in the action against climate change. It talks about how the change in the Presidential office over the past few years have affected the position of the USA in terms of their leadership in climate neutrality, as well as their stand in the fight against climate change. From President Obama, to President Trump, to now President Biden, we see a reversal in policies and rules when it comes to decisions pertaining to the environment, and its future.

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