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Azaad आवाज़

JUNE 2021

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Environmental Casteism

In This Issue

In India and other South-Asian countries, where caste hierarchies are entrenched, we must look to understanding the relationship between caste and the environment. Despite the pervasive nature of caste in Indian society, it remains an “under-recognized marker of environmental inequalities”. In this edition on Environmental Casteism, we attempt to discuss some of these issues in-depth and understand the intersections of discrimination and of environmentalism in India.


Awaaz in Focus introduces one to the varied perspectives shared by those who are initiating grassroot level changes in and across different local communities in a region. The people interviewed vary from academic scholars to grassroot level activists and practitioners.

In this edition, the team hosts Professor Mukul Sharma, who asserts that Indian Environmentalism is inherently Brahmanical and as a result casteist, provides the Dalit critique of Indian Environment


The Nazariya piece provides a look at the processes of evictions and casteist underpinnings to this urban problem.


Talk Point is the segment of the Patrika wherein individuals are interviewed based upon their perception and understanding of a certain issue.

It documents a round table conversation conducted by the Environmental and Social issues cluster of Nickeled and Dimed on the intersectionality of environmental engagement. It answers the question of how different classes and castes of people within India interact with the Environment


Vichaar is Azaad Awaaz’s podcast series that aims at engaging with experts and professionals to further the conversation on the marginalisation of communities.

In this episode of Vichaar, Professor Harsh Vardhan Bhati from Jindal Global Law School, walks us through the history of the issue of climate refugees, how the term was coined, what it means, and how it has gained recognition over the years.

About Azaad Awaaz

Our initiative Azaadआवाज़ aims to tackle an erosion of empathy in our society. This  monthly magazine (Patrika) aims to focus on the marginalized sections whose voices are often muted in the cacophony of flashy mainstream media discourse. When referring to the marginalization, this platform does not aim to restrict itself to the traditional focus on social aggregates like caste and race alone but aspires to include a discussion on class, gender, sexual orientation etc.

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