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Azaad आवाज़

October 2020

Religious Erasure; Past, Present and the Likely Future

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Azaadआवाज़ sculpted as a digital media station focuses on issues that debilitate the  “deliberately silenced”, drawing no boundaries and aspires to evolve and voice the needs of those silenced. The main theme focused for this monthly edition is : “Religious Erasure; Past, Present and the
Likely Future”
. We discuss and highlight different aspects of a slow erosion of culture and identity, especially of communities belonging to minority religions in our county.


Azaad Awaaz is in active collaboration with PAIGAM, an NGO based out of Delhi that is actively involved in bringing social efforts at the local, national and global level.

This session of JanPaigam explored the link between faith and freedom within India. The discussion was conducted by Ms. Akriti Bhatia, Founder and Director of PAIGAM, and Dr. Valson Thampu, an author, scholar, and the former Principal of St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi.


Samvaad as an initiative sprouted from the very idea of engaging in discussion and providing a platform not just to a wide range of scholars but also students and budding academicians in various fields of research.

In this month’s Samvaad discussion, Dr. Sanal Mohan, author of Modernity of Slavery: Struggles Against Caste Inequality in Colonial Kerala, talks about the discrimination meted out the Dalit Christians from a historical and socio- anthropological.

For the second part of the Samvaad discussion focusing on the Dalit Christians, the conversation was held with Dr. Rowena Robinson, professor at the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT-B.


Awaaz in Focus introduces one to the varied perspectives shared by those who are initiating grassroot level changes in and across different local communities in a region. The people interviewed vary from academic scholars to grassroot level activists and practitioners.


Nazariya is a column in the newsletter that will feature stories of oppression as well as emancipation and empowerment from marginalized communities that have not been a part of the mainstream media discourse or popular culture and have somehow gotten lost somewhere in our history.


Talk Point is the segment of the Patrika wherein individuals are interviewed based upon their perception and understanding of a certain issue.


Vichaar is Azaad Awaaz’s podcast series that aims at engaging with experts and professionals to further the conversation on the marginalisation of communities.

 Mr. Vikas Pathak is a former journalist at the Hindu, Hindustan Times, Asiaville, etc, and the author of the book Contesting Nationalisms. In this podcast, Mr. Pathak takes us on a tour of India’s history and sheds light on those aspects of history that have been ignored over the past decades.

About Azaad Awaaz

Our initiative Azaadआवाज़ aims to tackle an erosion of empathy in our society. This  monthly magazine (Patrika) aims to focus on the marginalized sections whose voices are often muted in the cacophony of flashy mainstream media discourse. When referring to the marginalization, this platform does not aim to restrict itself to the traditional focus on social aggregates like caste and race alone but aspires to include a discussion on class, gender, sexual orientation etc.

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