The Unseen Annihilation: A New Narration of the Threats facing South Asia – I

Not just the states, but South Asia as a region is facing an existential crisis. The urgency of these threats is underplayed by the gradual nature of their onset. Leaving them unresolved entails doom yet little urgency is observed in tackling them. There is a need for a new language which communicates the urgency of a crisis which is slow but sure in its lethality.

Overturning Roe vs. Wade: The Bigger Picture

The overruling of Roe vs. Wade by SCOTUS was shocking – not only for the citizens of the United States but also for the people across the globe. Gender Rights activists have put this as – “robbing women of their basic rights and bodily autonomy”. In this article, the authors looked at the effects of the overruling and analyzed whom this decision is going to affect the most, and what will be the global impact of the same.

Can Game Theory Help Understand Human Behavior in Times of Crisis?

Human behaviour often follows a pattern – there is an event, then a reaction, and then further reactions, few of them original, many of them borrowed. It is usually the most negative events – like crises, that evoke the most powerful reactions from people, surely replicated by others in some form or other. But what if we had an existing framework that mapped out how predictably we react?

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