Personal Data Protection Bill

This article will assess the Personal Data Protection Bill (2019) in the context of its impact on the privacy of individual citizens’ data. It will outline the rights awarded to individuals over their data, the obligation data fiduciaries (corporations) have when processing data, and the exemptions in the bill allowing the Central Government to process personal data without needing to obtain consent.

The Industrial Growth of Tamil Nadu and the Political Commitment

Tamil Nadu has rapidly progressed over time and now is called the most industrialized state in the country. The state’s politics is characterized by policy consistency which plays an integral role in the tremendous progress. This article explores some of the major interventions that have contributed to industrial growth and some glorious Investment Indexes that reaffirm the same.

Awaaz in focus: FINANCIAL Insecurity and Re-employment of Retirees – IN CONVERSATION WITH MR. HIMANSHU RATH

In this month’s edition of Awaaz In Focus, Mr. Himanshu Rath, Founder and Chairman of the Agewell Foundation about effects of financial insecurities on senior citizens in India. He also talks about job opportunities available to them after retirement, and the need to “re-skill”, or “re-tool” senior citizens to get more job opportunities.

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