Gendercide and Genocide: A Case for Legal Considerations of Gender

This article first examines arguments for why gendercides should be brought into the legal ambit of genocides, then responds to possible criticisms and problems of doing the same. Finally, after establishing that gender groups should be protected under the Genocide Convention, the paper examines the legal reality to ascertain why that is not the case currently. The conscious silence or rejection of gender dynamics will shed light on how international law and legal fact is constructed and intrinsically tied to gendered politics.

Fading Significance of The Virginity Test in Pakistan

Recently the Pakistan Supreme Court declared the practice of two finger test or virginity test as unconstitutional. The Pakistan Supreme Court, while considering a criminal appeal on rape, took into consideration the legal validity of the virginity test into account. The court in Atif Zareef vs. The State relied upon modern forensic science and Pakistani constitutional law to examine the test’s need and legality.

“Your kid will be on the next flight to Silicon Valley” or see you in Consumer Court: A Case Against WhiteHat Jr

The increasing interest of parents to introduce their child to coding at an early age and the pressure tool of “Sharmaji ka Beta” has gone too far and landed the WhiteHat Jr’s advertisement under the ambit of Consumer Protection Act 2019 pertaining to false and misleading advertisements. Such market demand has also propelled a series of new companies to enter the edtech sector.

Reining in the ‘Big Boys’: Explicating the Australian Media Revolution

Scott Morrison’s government passed the News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code Bill, which mandates Google and Facebook to pay publishers for the news content they display on their platforms. With a series of private agreements, backroom deals and threats of total shutdowns, the Australian conundrum seems to have been quelled . However, its aftershocks are being felt across democracies that are now confident in their efforts to rein in the ‘Big Boys’

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