Budget 2021-22: A Panacea for Economic Recovery?

The growth slow down in India which became acute with the global pandemic required counter cyclical policy response by the government. The RBI’s Monetary policy of low interest rate and high liquidity in the market did not help the recovery to the degree required as the banks’ balance sheets came under stress. The use of fiscal policy, more accurately, expansionary government spending is thought to be the path ahead. However, straying from the path of fiscal consolidation may create inflationary pressure and increase India’s vulnerability in the global market.

Nazariya : The predatory paradigm of development

This opinion piece explores the Development- Displacement Discourse in relation to the Tribal Community in India, and asserts that the Development Paradigm in place is predatory, almost parasitic, for it thrives upon the oppression, the continued impoverishment of the powerless, in order to not only acquire but accumulate communally held resources. It also examines the role of the State and the Judiciary in the continued oppression of tribal communities in the form of Development-Induced Displacement.

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