Space Laws: What Governs Intellectual Property Rights in Outer-Space?

This article seeks to explore the current IPR regime, how it applies to outer space law, and how it may be adapted to be a better fit for the same. It seeks to do this through an analysis of the current IPR regime (by the means of various articles of international treaties and their inadequacies in addressing the needs of space law) and discussing its viability to support the growth of outer space law and its possibilities. 

Is Capital Punishment Ethical?

The article will describe the status of capital punishment pre and post Independence era and will also discuss the question surrounding capital punishment as a necessity. Additionally, it will discuss the landmark judgment ‘Bachan Singh vs State of Punjab’ wherein the Supreme Court discussed the status of capital punishment and the legislation governing it

Fluid Moralities and Navigating Crisis: An explication of Fullerian Natural Law

The school of thought that presumes an intimate relationship between Morality and Law is regarded as Naturalists with Lon Fuller as one of their key proponents. However, the position of the sovereign-state in Fuller’s conception of the law is undermined, and the severe Covid-19 Pandemic measures taken by different sovereigns have only established the ascendency of the state further. In this article, I try to engage with Fuller’s concept of the law through the lens of emergencies such as the pandemic and 9/11 and also analyse the concept of fluid moralities with respect to how states understand morals at the international and national level.

LL.B. pass Judge: a black robe and not a cassock!

“May it please Your Lordships, the counsel wants to humbly submit that you are wearing a black robe and not a cassock…” a law student candidly urged the bench in a moot court concerning the doctrine of Essential Religious Practice (“ERP Test”) as the moot point. This article takes us to the long unconcluded debate regarding the role of the Judiciary in adjudicating religious issues to satisfy the ERP test manufactured allegedly in the exercise of judicial overreach.

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