Constituent Assembly Debates on Alcohol Ban

In this article, Gayatri Virmani critically analyses the relevance and effectiveness of Article 47 (the intoxication of drinks). She highlights how the negative impacts of the ban on alcohol on national highways and in some states, Bihar in particular, outweigh the positive impacts, concluding that imposing a ban on alcohol is in direct violation of an individual’s right to life and liberty.


In this article, Mr. Ashit Kumar Srivastava compares the scenarios of democracy in America in the pre-twentieth century with the present day. Political democracy’s purpose was to ensure fairness and the equitable allocation of resources. However in practice, the downfalls of the modern day democracy has converted the welfare state into an oligarch institution working for few but levying burden on all.

Cricket influenced by politics

This research of Aseem Mittal is based on the argument that how political malpractices destroyed the essence of sports particularly cricket. Match fixing and Spot fixing are some the malpractices in which either the players or the member of the central body that is BCCI in the case cricket get involved in these activities to earn money. Money is the sole reason why people enter into these malpractices.

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