Pandian’s Republic

Using Benedict Anderson’s argument that hegemonic beliefs only operate at the level of ideas, author through this essay, attempts to unveil the roots of Nationalism to help the reader reach an “Archimedean vantage point from where the ideals imposed by nation-form can be critiqued” and an India replete with plurality of cultures, religions and ethnicity can be re imagined.

The Indian Banking Crisis

In the following article, the author, Spandan Pattnaik, follows a multidimensional approach and tries to analyze the ongoing banking crisis in India. The article highlights various loopholes in the banking system, the major causes for an account becoming a stressed asset and relate them to various crisis attributes. It examines the crisis from an institutional perspective to an individual and household’s perspective. Finally, it makes recommendations to tackle those problems.

Embracing the Positive Obligation of Privacy

Mr.Ashit Kumar Srivastava talks about the role of the Union Government as a ‘Data Fiduciary’ after the Puttuswamy judgment which cements the Right to Privacy as a Fundamental Right under Article 21 of the Constitution of India. Even though it is a negative right demanding non-interference of the State, with the Adhaar initiative, the Author argues, there is a positive obligation on the State to protect the data collected by means of UIDAI remains safe.

Herding and the Dotcom Bubble

In this article, Sanjana Medipally explores the herd mentality of the stock market by taking a close look at the dot-com bubble. The article looks into this bubble and the impact it had, especially due to the creation of the internet and it’s impact on the growth in the revenue of companies. Read on to find out more about this phenomenon and its consequences!

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